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I tried and won my first case more than thirty years ago; within weeks of joining the Philadelphia United States Attorney’s Office. Please visit for more about my background, experience, and credentials; unsolicited testimonials; and samples of my work (including cross-examination audio).

Trying cases is fun. Unfortunately, the better prepared you are to win, the less likely you will get the chance. Almost invariably, you will reach a successful result without firing a shot, by securing an offer your client cannot refuse. But not always.

Imagine being a Super Bowl quarterback – just about to run onto the field – when the owner bursts into the locker room and announces: “Great news! We don’t have to play. We agreed on the score.” Yeah, great.

That’s what happens to us most of the time; but not always. The rare chances to try a client’s case provide the greatest opportunities for success, escape from monotony, and war stories that last a lifetime. Let’s do it together!

If you need a battle-tested trial lawyer on your team – because you are outnumbered by a big firm army; or don’t have enough hours in the day; or don’t have trial experience; or for any other reason – please visit and then call me at (505) 842-6000.

  • Lightning-Fast Consultations. Strictly Confidential. No Obligation.
  • From Carlsbad to Aztec. From Deming to Raton. From Gallup to Clovis.
  • And Anywhere Else, Statewide or Nationwide. Wherever You Need A Trial Partner.

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